Monday, January 31, 2022

Lightweight Faux Fur and Minky Jacket and Scarf



No More being Chilled at Work in the Warehouse!... Surrounded by Fabric

Pieced this Jacket from leftover Minky and Faux Fur

I had to piece more than the pattern, because my leftover pieces were not big enough, but I used the narrow pieces to put in a waist section 


Started with this Scarf that I loved its light soft feel.

                                       This is the Reverse Side

Sewwwww, I said... hmmm let's take the leftover pieces and piece it with the leftover minky.  They all have the lightweight and soft feel.

Under it all I have my Faux Serpa and Suede Vest!
Didn't need the Serpa Scarf for this outfit.

I do NOT like COLD weather!

Made two lightweight Jackets and sewn together at the top and flipped... became one reversible Jacket.  Topstitched down the sidefront and around the collar.... then through the collar seam to make it lie flat.

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