Thursday, November 26, 2020

Panther Pillow-Go A Little Wild

 OR how about A Lion- or Leopard........You purchase the pillow square on line----Make a pillow-just add a backing....  This one has Black Minky on the back of it.... my netflix buddy

My Favorite Store- Wild Animal Squares for Sale-Make a Pillow

A fur back gives life look to these pillows

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Shoes-Clutch-changes in Improvising...

 Well, I am not going to talk about this outfit anymore...

I was so tired when I got home from work.. I zonked... The plan was to wear this tomorrow... but

I finished parts and when I went to do the tear drop on the bottom of the underskirt there was not enough of the green netting to do the whole tear drop under... I did the skirt and the tear drop piece is huge...There was only enough to do one side...I can piece it strangely-do a different green on the bottom or do a white lace ( I have a big piece I could used... so maybe both

This is the last of mentions of this one except the last pics of finished products....

I did not have enough to cut two of these out on the fold for the 7 teardrops.... so... I have

The underdress is made of the netting... but the teardrop ran out.. I could use the beautiful burnout dark green chiffon with the satin leaves on it.... Ohhhhh I hate to just cut part...maybe try to do the whole skirt and tear drop out... or just the teardrops and then have enough for fancy blouse or dress insets in some othe fabric which is what it was bought for.... AHHHHH

I don't have enough of the chemise left over for the tear drop... or the bag of netting scraps..I could piece it ??? ewww... back to using my pretty fabric... Too many decisions.

Now, I have a clutch, shoes and embroidery and handwork to do on the shoes... and more decisions..

Here are the parts...???? I need to do it and be done.

We Have some Wedges

Now the younger set would go with these, but since I have a pull in my side from loosing my balance and flying across the room 

and catching myself.... I think I won't go with the wedges tonight

Needles thread stabilizer and ideas for shoe espradrille tops

Ideas of making a medium wedge not flat into a comfort espradrille I can wear all day at work and be walking on air...?Layering the insole padding.

Faux stretch black leather look and faux neoprene stretch black suede and stretch faux suede in dark green.... so a wrap on top of some kind with these and embroider a butterfly or 3D a butterfly on the toes or on one of the shoes...???    andddd  don't forget the matching clutch... oh maybe not tomorrow...

Now I am too tired to do anything... BUT.. remember I have a very small space and everything is on my I have to do something or I can't go to bed....AHHHH

I will cut the teardrop out of the beautiful burnout and cut the pieces for the comfort espradrilles so I can hand sew them while I watch a goofy netflix...  maybe the clutch....eeeee

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Butterflies Baby Blanket


This design of mine of my butterflies from my garden came out beautifully on Minky.  The colors are beautiful, like the butterflies and it will be a wonderful blanket for the new baby. 

After I make the baby's blanket, I will make some for sale at my Etsy shop.

Watch for a new series of Shrugs with facemasks and earrings, plus baby sets.

Friday, September 11, 2020

More Butterflies


This fabric came out soooo beautiful the butterflies look irredescent on the white minky.  I am making a little white bunting for the new baby grandchild.  The last two grandchildren loved their minky buntings.

I am going to make a changing pad out of the just one direction design

Be Ready for a whole new launch of Baby gift sets on

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My favorite Sunrise

 This is my favorite Sunrise over Assateague

You can vacation with me everyday with your home Decor

My Sunrise Over Assateague Designs  <--Link to Purchase

Serama Throw Pillow featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs
Flanged or knife Edge Pillows

Plymouth Curtain Panel featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

Three Lengths Available


Duvet Cover and Sheet Sets all Sizes

Sebright Pillow Sham featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

Shams and knife edge pillow shams available in Euro and Standard


Lakenvelder Throw Blanket featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

Minky-Velvet or Fleece  Blankets available -- lovely gifts

Table Runners-Tablecloths-Placemats
all types of Home Decor available in this design
Even Wallpaper
Isobar Durable Wallpaper featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

To See all my Designs 

Click the link below

Kittys Shop on Roostery (14 pages of Designs)

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Some of My Personal Designs on My Face Masks

To Buy my facemasks.... go to <---- Click

Over 150 designs- different size options and elastic ear loops plus optional cords for sealing and or hanging around the neck when driving etc.

Spoonflower and Roostery
with my Custom Designs

This mask is of my favorites... and Why NOT?  A tote bag with Vinyl Lining and Clear plastic over... Wipe Clean and last forever!.... I love this design.  Real butterflies from my garden flowers.

This is another of my favorites... and you can see they are the butterflies from my front yard butterfly bush

These are on the Milkweed Flowers

Sometimes I have to draw...
Sometimes I dance and draw

PERFECT for face mask and tote  - placemats and runners

Which Table Runner Do I Need?


Luxe Cotton Sateen Runners

Minorca Table Runner featuring Butterfly_bush by kittykittypurrs

Minorca Table Runner featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

Minorca Table Runner featuring kayakin at Sunset by kittykittypurrs
Which Tablecloth Do I Need?

$89/119 square  $99/109/129/154

Luxe Cotton Sateen Tablecloths

Bantam Rectangular Tablecloth featuring Butterfly_bush by kittykittypurrs

Which Round Tablecloth Do I Need?


Malay Round Tablecloth featuring kayakin at Sunset by kittykittypurrs

Malay Round Tablecloth featuring Sunrise over Assateague by kittykittypurrs

Malay Round Tablecloth featuring Kayaking_paddle_trip_Blue by kittykittypurrs

Monday, April 6, 2020

Kittys Custom Designed Home Decor, Fabric, and Facemasks

 I have 3 online stores for you     Bring the outside in with my designs.... Wonderful Beach House Decor or just some humor... 

My Store Roostery for Beautiful duvets/sheet/tablecloths and Curtains <---

Items made for you and shipped from Roostery with my fabric

Each design can be used as any of the home decor options.  Three sizes for the curtains, and different size tablecloths.

You can bring the beautiful outdoors in or just the hint of outdoor activities in my kayaking and fishing sketch designs.
ENJOY your surroundings.



  • Rod pocket and tab hanging options
  • Available in 4 fabrics
  • Available in 3 lengths each 50" wide
  • Each panel sold separately

All my Drapery-Curtains Options at Roostery

Imagine this design in your beach house brightenin each room with different items..

Your Master Bedroom with the Blue Lake View and different accents.
"This Sheet set comes in all sizes and I have these also!   I love them!!"


  • Rod pocket and tab hanging options
  • Available in 4 fabrics
  • Available in 3 lengths each 50" wide
  • Each panel sold separately

These are all my fabric designs inspired by my kayaking trips.  <--- My designed fabric, and wallpaper

Sunrise over Assateague

My Design Wallpaper and 23 choices of fabric for each design  <--- Click my Etsy Store

Click link to see Face Masks with humor available Now

See my etsy store for current availability

style on face
Measurement of actual cloth
Regular Olson Mask is the top one tight to face and chin..
Large is the below one... goes under chin
The listings on my site at Etsy give you the size in the listing.  You can email me for custom size or style, if I have the fabric, I will do it.